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E-mail A Safe-List: Promo-Code For Quick-Start E-mailing And Income


E-mail A Safe-List: Promo-Code For Quick-Start E-mailing And Income

Here is a list of the top safe-lists I use, because many people ask me what safe-list do I use. Some of them have promo-codes you can use for getting a quick-start with you e-mailing. As I live in Thailand now, I start sending e-mail on Monday-morning Thai-time, which means, the east of the USA Gets the e-mail on Sunday-evening. Every day I send 10 e-mails with the safe-lists. Here they are in random order, but I made myself a scheme for it. Very important:


Because I didn't 2 times, I lost my promo-codes! The promo-codes can be expired! In the overview I will only mention the number of members, how many times you can e-mail and promo-codes (if there are). But most safe-lists have many benefits when you upgrade, like higher commision, show (more) banners etc. When you are loggid in, sometimes you get extra credits when you go to "members-home" and/or click the "daily bonus banner".

Top Safe-Lists

Top Tier Mailer
Top Tier Mailer - E-mail A Safe-List: Promo-Code For Quick-Start E-mailing And Income This is one of the best! Send your e-mail every 7 days to 6,500+ members as a free member. A premium member can send an e-mail every 3 days.      

State-Of-The-Art-Mailer SOTAM
SOTAMA quality mailer! As a free meber you can e-mail up to 3,000 members (with the 'escalation'-button) every 7 days. At this time there are almost 25,000 members and when you upgrade, you can e-mail them all every 3 days.        

Ad Chiever
adchieverMore than 8,000 active members now. A free member can reach up to 1,200 members (+your downline 5 levels deep) every day. Upgraded members can e-mail up to 14, 000 members.Promo-codes: 48hours_login (this will give you 2,000 login ads); and promo code: 48hours_banner (this one will give you 2,000 banner impressions)        

List Building Maximizer
listbuildingmaximizerFree members can e-mail every 4 days to more than 15,000 members. Upgraded members can e-mail up to 2 times a day! Use Promo codes: “580A0A8237”, “76124A3802”, “lbm50kotobonusfordbd”, “LBM15000FREE” and “WORLDPROFIT”        

Elite Safe List
elitesafelistFree members may use the mailer 1 time per day to 6,000 members. Upgraded members may mail up to 10,000 members 6 times per day! Promo codes: “showdown” and “bailout”      

 List Insomnia
listinsomniaHere you can use the credit mailer, but also send “solo I” and “soloII”. These are paid ads. There are more than 4,100 members. Promo codes to use: “1000”, “10kenney” and “christmas”   
globalsafelist More than 15,100 active members which you can e-mail every 4 days as a free member. An upgraded member can mail up to 2 times a day.          

European Safe-List
europeansafelistEuropean Safe-List has more than 11,000 members, which you can mail daily. The benefits for upgraded members are huge, like sending e-mails up to 12 times per day! Great safe-list!      

Ad Tactics
adtactics Ad Tactis has more than 16,700 free members which you may mail weekly as a free member. Upgraded members can send to all members up to 12 times per day        

Free Safe-List Mailer
freesafelistmailer More than 46,700 members which you can e-mail 1 time per day as a free member. An upgraded member can mail up to 12 times per day.        

All The Safe Lists I Use:
Active Safe-List
Ad Chiever   Promo Codes: "48hours_login", "48hours_banner"
Ad Tactics
Ad Troopers
Avalanche Safe-List
Build My Downlines
Crocs Hide Away
Downline Builder Direct
Dragon Safe-List
Effecrive Safe-List     Promo Code: "88E281F70D"
Elite Safe-List       Promo Codes: “showdown” and “bailout”   
Equus Safe-List
European Safe List
Free Ads Mailer    Promo-Code: "NewFAMPromo", "FreeListSolo1"
Free Safe-List Mailer      Promo-Code: "10KFreeCredits", "10DollarsFree"
Global Safe-list
Golden Op Safe List     Promo Code: "4F98ACBE5F"
Got Safe-List
List Bonus
List Building Maximizer      Promo Codes: “580A0A8237”, “76124A3802”, “lbm50kotobonusfordbd”, “LBM15000FREE” and “WORLDPROFIT”        
List Insomnia       Promo Codes: “1000”, “10kenney” and “christmas”   
List Joe
List Jumper
Mailing @ Home
Marketer Safe-List
Midnight Sun Safe-List
My List Frog
My Safe-List Mailer
New Age MKT
Reactive Adz     Promo Code: "RA15000FREE", "ra50kotobonusfordbd"
Safe-List Extreme
Safe-List XL
Safe-Llist Pro
Smart Safe-List
State-Of-The-Art-Mailer (SOTAM)
Super Safe Mailer
Supreme List
Target Safe-List
The Lead Magnet
The Mail Bag Safe-List
The Traffic Secret
The List Auction
Top Tier Mailer
Traffic Pro List
TWE Safe-List
Viral Ad Store
Viral List Builder Plus
Viral Nugget
Viral Solo Ads
Wonder Mailer
Your Safe-List  

Have a very nice day!

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